Renovated elementary school in Obrenovac after the floods

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President of Basketball federation of Serbia in a visit to Foundation

Sinisa Mali, the Mayor of Belgrade, has participated on ceremonial event regarding the beginning of school year in elementary school “Jefimija” in Obrenovac which was renovated by the donation of “EKO Serbia”. Also, participant we Irena Vujovic, Assistant Mayor, Miroslav Cuckovic, president of the municipality Obrenovac, Dragan Jovanovic, principal of elementary school “Jefimija”, Goran Dejanovic, finance director of EKO Serbia and Natasa Kovacevic, director of the Foundation.

Mayor Sinisa Mali has visited the classrooms and offices, and also the new basketball court where he, accompanied by Natasa Kovacevic, watched a game between the pupils of the school.