Women’s water polo club Red Star in Champions league
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natasakovacevicOn 7th March 2015. Nataša Kovačević has played her first game in French city Angers  since the car accident in 2013. The game was played between current and former stars of the French championship and it had humanitarian character with appropriate name “Champions of heart”. Also, the game was played in the honor of the International Women’s Day (March 8th).

While the first game in 2014 raised money for the education of children in the African country of Niger, this time the funds were intended for non-profit organization “Dreams”, which fulfills the dreams of children and adolescents with serious illnesses. Although the result was of second importance, Milica Dabović, captain of the Serbian national team, Marina Maljković, the coach of Serbian national team and Nataša were in the winning team. Nataša played for 11 minutes, made 2 points and 1 rebound.

“Everything went great. This is an amazing experience. I was honored to be here, and I’m glad that I played my first match. Also, I’m happy that our team won, “- said Natasha.