Knight of Serbian sport

With the invite of the Pokret Pozitivna Srpska to be a part of the great project “Think Positively”, Nataša spent June 10th and 11th in Trebinje. This citizen union (Pokret Pozitivna Srpska) was established in 2014, with a goal of improving economic, cultural, academic, health, and sport activities on the territory of the Republic Srpska. Since the main tasks of this union are: involving youth in all positive aspects of social life, realization of projects that have positive impact on them, and improve their education, Nataša spent time with citizens and athletes of Trebinje on the courts “Srđan Aleksić”. Also, Nataša had a meeting with the management of women’s BC Trebinje 03. The topic of this meeting was potential cooperation between women’s basketball clubs Red Star and Trebinje 03. With mutual satisfaction, this cooperation was agreed upon, and it will symbolically begin in the fall of 2016, when the Red Star comes to Trebinje for a game of friendly character.

This trip to the Republic Srpska was very well utilized by the Foundation as well. With the support of companies Aqua Viva and Uniqa, all three middle schools in Trebinje (“Sveti Vasilije Ostroški”, “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” i “Vuk Karadžić”) received full equipment for mini-basket. Also, 40 basketballs and 100 practice shirts were donated to the junior teams of women’s BC Trebinje 03, meanwhile its senior team received two new full sets of jerseys for the next season.

After this more-than-successful visit in Trebinje, our entire Foundation, led by Nataša, would like to thank Pokret Pozitivna Srpska for inviting, and to people and athletes of Trebinje for big response to this event. Also, thank you to the women’s BC “Trebinje 03” for bringing many youngsters, with whom Nataša enjoyed playing and having fun, and huge thank you to the Government of Republic Srpska, which allowed safe transport of basketball gear and equipment that our Foundation donated to all the middle schools in Trebinje and to BC “Trebinje 03”. Above all, thank you to the entire city of Trebinje for your amazing hospitality! We will see you soon!