Letter of the founder

natasaMy name is Natasa Kovacevic and since my young age I have falen love with the game of basketball. At the age of nineteen I have been a proud member of all Serbian youth national selections, and I was going to play my first Euroleague season with UNI Gyor. Little did I know that life had other plans for me. After a life changing accident I discovered that in spite all the difficulties strength was where it always has been, in support of all the people that stand beside me. Realizing that everything is the same and that only the rules of the game called life are different, I have set a new goal for myself which is to help young athletes in times of challenge. With Your help, I will do everything I can to once again surpass all expectations and to show that we are only as strong as we are united.

Vision Statement

We strive to be the helping hand in times of challenge.

Mission Statement

  1. Aid and support for athletes that happen to be in a serious health problem

  • Collecting information about seriously injured or ill athletes from Serbia and abroad
  • Financial aid for hospital expenses, hospital transportation, rehabilitation and recovery of seriously injured or ill athletes from Serbia and abroad
  • Financial aid for costs of prosthetic, orthopedic and other aids
  • Aid and psychiatric support for injured athletes
  1. Promoting the importance of Social Security as the result of protecting athletes in cases of adverse events

  • Collecting data about details of athletes insurance and making one database
  • Raising awareness for the needs of special insurance adapted for athletes
  • Involvement in improvement of legislation, rules and regulations
  1. Aid and support for young talents, not only in sport development, but also in gaining the right education

  • Covering the costs of tuition and books, training camps, tournaments and individual training for young athletes
  • Making databases about needs of young athletes
  1. Promotion of women’s sport, particularly women’s basketball

  • Cooperation with the media with goal to popularize and promote women sports and women basketball