Cooperation between Foundation, WBC Partizan and elementary school Bora Stankovic

Support for women’s selection of BC Basket in from Smederevo
Women’s water polo club Red Star in Champions league

Press conference was held on Partizan stadion regarding the donation of sport equipment and necessary gear to WBC Partizan and basketball sections of elementary school Bora Stankovic.
The goal of the Foundation is to include youth in sport, on active or recreational level, and we are very grateful that we are able to help. We think that we are one big, sport family and as such we need to support and rely on each other. In that manner we are inviting all those who want to help to get join our endeavor.

Besides Natasa Kovacevic, on the conference we also Srbobran Filipovic, General Secretary of WBC Parizan, Svetlana Mitrovic, coach of youth selection of WBC Partizan, Zdravka Marjanovic, MSc, Director of elementary school Bora Stankovic and Bojan Tanjevic, member of our Steering board.

It is a great honor and privilege to be in presence of these truly great people, and we would like to thank them. Also, we would like to thank to representatives of media for allowing our message to be heard.