We supported the Camp “Be a star”, organized by the female basketball club Red Star

Support for OS Bora Stankovic extended

We helped maintenance of the sport camp for the formation of a pioneering team of female basketball club Red star. On the historical courts at Kalemegdan, a member of the Foundation Board, Božidar Manojlovic, congratulated on the European gold, giving a present to the promoter of the camp and Serbian national team member, Sonja Petrovic.

Natasa Kovacevic, on this occasion said:

“Basketball is one of the most widespread sports in our country. However, when it comes to women’s basketball, it’s very hard to encourage young children to engage in this sport, so I sincerely hope that this camp will be just the beginning of popularization of women’s basketball. My mother was a basketball player of Red Star and she told me that only by way the player gets the ball, one could say if she had passed Red Star’s school of basketball. All these legends are trained in Kalemegdan. This is a great place to start something new. It is a great honor for me to be able to promote basketball and all the values ​​that sport carries along. I am pleased for there are a lot of girls here, hoping there will be even more of them as time goes on, and we’ll have more basketball players in Serbia. “