Meeting with directors of primary schools in Novi Pazar

Donation for women’s basketball club NOVI PAZAR
Donation for the female basketball team KARABURMA

In the elementary school “Bratstvo” took place a presentation of the project “Basketball as a school of life”, along with the presentation of support by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. The analysis of the impact on the psycho-physical development of girls was also presented, and the event was attended by directors of all fourteen elementary schools.

Natasha’s initiative to launch the League of Novi Pazar in the women’s basketball was widely supported. First step is the league for girls up to 10 years in mini -basket, the other for older pupils of primary schools, and finally, the secondary schools league.

The Foundation would like to thank our hosts for their warm welcome and in particular the Director of the elementary school Bratstvo, Dejan Kulundžić.