Natasa Kovacevic again in WBC Red Star and on the court

“The Frajle” presented fifth Frajla – Natasa

Natasa Kovacevic, heroin of world basketball, exactly two years and two months after a car accident in Hungary, announces her return to the basketball court as a player of WBC Red Star!

The former player of our club thus continuing a rich career which began in 2008, playing for the red-and-white, KK Partizan, Vozdovac and Hungarian Djer.

After that 7th September 2013, when she suffered a traffic accident in Hungary, after which many considered one big basketball career on the rise has been suddenly interrupted, Natasa has shown by example that there are no boundaries, and when you want something, everything is possible.

She has become an inspiration to many, and through the work of her foundation, which was founded with the help of her club WBC Crvena Zvezda, but also through her view of life in which there was no room for surrender and pessimism.

She shows it in this case. With great will, with help of her club, Natasa first re-learned to walk, with help of a sports prosthesis whose purchase was much helped by FIBA ​​Europe, French Basketball Federation and its president Jean-Pierre Siuta and KSS, she continued to fight for her right and a great desire to play basketball again.

And it will happen in the nearest future. Natasa is having training for two months with the rest of the team under the watchful eye of coach Dragan Vukovic and has already launched the registration process for the performances in the first league of Serbia. WBC Crvena Zvezda informs the public that on the return of Natasa Kovacevic active playing of basketball are consulted the representatives of KSS, FIBA ​​and in this, in many ways a unique case, because of the use of prostheses, there are no obstacles to get back on the parquet.

WBC Crvena zvezda